Exotic Bollywood Costume Jewelry to Add to the Perfect Look!

One of the things many women love is to see outrageous jewelry which looks gorgeous on them. In Bollywood films, you get to see amazing jewelry, with great details, that are stunning and completely over the top. But that is the beauty of wearing Indian jewelry – they can be anything – from very simply done, to absolutely extreme – the range is great.
There are so many things to consider while selecting great Bollywood costume jewelry. Ideally, the female characters of a film wear an assortment of them, depending on their role, and their timing. For example, you would see alluring jewelry on those women whose roles are meant to be provocative, and more subdued, traditional pieces on women who are supposed to play sober roles, or more traditional characters. One of the key features of a traditional role of a wife in a Bollywood movie is the famous mangal sutra, or the chain and pendant one should wear if she is married. There are a lot of designs in them.
Ideally, you can see a huge range of Bollywood costume jewelry on both women and men. In fact, men often get away with wearing smart looking chains, ear studs, and thick metal bracelets. But here are a few things that are quite distinctly Bollywood.

  1. The bindi – Whether a small one, or a large, elaborate one, the bindi is an essential part of the traditional Bollywood ensemble. You can wear a small one, or make it large – it depends on the kind of clothes you are wearing, and what suits you well.
  2. The mangtika – This is another very traditional piece of Bollywood costume jewelry that is supposed to be dangled from a woman’s head onto her forehead. Ideally, hair should be parted in the middle, and then the mangtika should cover that parting. It is a traditional Indian jewelry, and is often seen in Bollywood wedding scenes.
  3. Long Earrings – The fascination for long, jeweled earrings is a definite thing for many, and wearing a pair of long, intricately carved earrings with beads and stones is a great way of imitating Bollywood costume jewelry designs.
  4. Bangles – A hand full of beautiful bangles, either made of glass or metal, is a very traditional Indian thing, and an essential part of Bollywood jewelry. Just wear a handful with style, and you would look adorable.

These are some of the jewelry very commonly seen in Bollywood films, and can add to your Bollywood costume. Check them out, and wear the ones which suits you!

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