Cool Themes for Bollywood Costumes

Bollywood is a source of endless amusement for many. In fact, it is the second largest movie industry of the world, and is one of the most happening places in the world right now. People have started to like the glitter and the glamor of Bollywood, and the amazing and hilarious themes that some of the movies seem to have (and get away with). Check out some of the top ideas when you are going for a cool Bollywood costume party.

  1. Dress as a popular actor – Well, if you are into movies, dressing as a popular actor will be a very easy thing. There are many Bollywood costume ideas available on the internet – just look up a popular actor, and see what he/she likes wearing. You can assemble a simple, yet effective look within minutes, since a lot of the times the dresses worn by the character concerned are an assemblage of a few fun pieces. For example, dressing as Jeetendra is truly easy – white shirt, white pants and white boots used to be his fashion statement. You can also affect a bit of the person’s mannerism and style to give the look a more realistic edge – like, you can stammer like Shah Rukh Khan, or go bare-torso like Salman Khan.
  2. Dress as a popular character – Dressing as a popular character can take a bit of time, especially because it will take a bit more work than most. But, when it comes to Bollywood costume ideas, nothing is cooler than to dress up like a character who you like, and then see if others get it or not. Some popular characters with a very distinctive dress sense include Nisha from Hum Aaapke Hai Kaun (played by Madhuri Dixit), Pooja from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum (played by Kareena Kapoor), Raj from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (played by Shah Rukh Khan), or Gabbar Singh from Sholay (played by Amjad Khan).
  3.  Cross-Dressing – Cross dressing is a major part of Indian movies – there are a huge number of movies where the hero/heroine dresses like a member of the opposite gender for a number of reasons. Whether she is escaping from a villain (like in the movie Kismat), or he wants to get a chance to be with his girl (Govinda in Shola aur Shabnam), cross-dressing adds a lot of fun to any good Bollywood costume party, and a lot of people can take one glance at you and tell you who you are.

These simple ideas can be replicated easily, and while donning fun Bollywood costumes, spend some time into thinking what would suit you the best. That way, you would end up becoming the talk of the party.

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