Look Fabulous with Bollywood Dance Costumes

Ankita lokhande colors indian telly awards Bollywood is all about having a great time. In fact, part of the charm with Bollywood movies lie with the fact that most of them have beautiful music and dance sequences, which liven up the scene a lot. In fact, there are many films where the story is held together with beautiful dance routines and songs with irresistible rhythm.
So, for your next Bollywood party, why not go as a dancer? Thankfully, you can choose from a huge list of Bollywood dancer costume available and select the one which you feel suits you the best. The best part about getting cool dancing costumes is the fact that there are a huge number of options to select from. Some of the popular costumes are as follows –

  1. Traditional Dancer Costumes – Bollywood has always paid homage to traditional dances of India, like kathak or bharatnatyam. Many such dance numbers have been featured in old films as well as new, and the danseuse always looks extremely elegant wearing them.
  2. Dance Costumes of the Courtesan Mujrah or the dance of the courtesan, has been long popular in Bollywood movies, and famous actors like Rekha has portrayed roles in movies like Umrao Jaan, making certain dance moves immortal. Bollywood dance costumes made in the style of such is definitely a treat.
  3. Cabaret Dance or Item Song costumes – One of the more daring Bollywood dancing costumes is definitely that of the cabaret dancer, or what has in time modified itself into item songs. Cabaret or item song related costumes are pretty popular, and they are known to be provocative and quite sexy to look at. There are many popular item songs or cabaret number you can draw inspiration from.
  4. Fun Song and Dance Routine Costumes – There are a few song and dance routines with specific dresses and garbs which are very popular, and cannot be mistaken. Mostly, these numbers are done by the lead actors of the film, and are quite popular, so check out a few good songs to figure out what they are wearing.

Popular dance-related Bollywood movies are a great source to draw some serious inspiration when it comes to finding appropriate Bollywood dance costumes. You can also check out sites like Youtube to find out more about Bollywood dance routines and numbers, and decide what you want to wear. It is a good idea to coordinate a few moves, or a couple of gestures which go with your Bollywood dance costume.

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