Fabulous Bollywood Halloween Costumes Ideas

When it comes to Halloween, we all want to wear something absolutely stunning and fun, and yet quite recognizable at the same time. It is so much fun to go as one of your favorite characters from a Bollywood movie, or as a popular actor, or even as something absolutely atrocious for Bollywood. But when it comes to Halloween, we all love doing something different, so what can be specially done for the spooky season? Here are some excellent ideas for the perfect Bollywood Halloween costumes for you.

  1. Go as a Ghost/Monster from a Popular Movie– There is a good number of horror stories in Bollywood, which has made their mark. For example, Bhoot, Makdee and Kaun, that features spooky ghostly characters that can be replicated with a bit of work. Torn clothes, bloodstained lips, and a wide, maniac smile should accompany your costume for the right touch.
  2. Be a Ruthless Villain – Bollywood villains make excellent material for a Halloween costume. Be it a cruel Mogambo, a strange Shakaal, a scary Gabbar Singh, or a horrifying Lion, a good Bollywood villain can make your costume party a hit. Add to it some of the memorable lines, and you will definitely be most welcome in any good party with a Bollywood theme.
  3. Sexy Dancers are Always Welcome – Racking your brains for a fun but easily identified Bollywood Halloween costume? Well, why don’t you go as a character known for her dance moves? Women would especially get a lot of looks if they slink in wearing a sleek, glittery number which resembles a famous and seductive dance sequence. You can also go for specific costumes if you wish.
  4. Represent a Genre – There are a few very stereotypical looks of certain genres. For example, the sixties, the seventies showed very definitive style statement, which can be imitated easily. Bright colors, garish shades and impressive hairdo can really rock a good party. Add to it some themed music, and you are all set for Halloween.
  5. Become a Stereotype – Nirupa Roy perfected the art of looking like a “mother”. Keshto Mukherjee was the perpetual drunk. If all fails, resort to looking like a typical stereotype found in a Bollywood movie. Most guest will get the joke and find it really funny.


Halloween is the time to go overboard and dress up as fancifully as you can. If you can pull it off, dress funky, produce a look which works out for you, and make sure your look is as unique as it possibly can get.

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