How to Throw a Bollywood Party Successfully

Many of us love Bollywood, and are amazed by the gorgeous, glamorous world it offers. And they make excellent themes for parties, since they are a lot of fun, with popular music, dance steps, good food, and plenty of booze for those who love it. Throwing a Bollywood themed party is a piece of cake, but a lot of people mess it up because they really don’t understand how to go about it properly. Here are a few steps you must take to ensure that your next party is a complete and utter success and people rave about it later.

  1. Get the Setting Right – Just putting together some glittery stuff and throwing them about won’t make your party a success. You should see a couple of Bollywood movies, or hear popular songs which will help you determine a setting which would suit your house.
  2. Themes are important – You can choose from a number of themes – check out popular movies like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, or a good movie you can create a theme out of. Inform your friends about the theme, and go with it. However, keep in mind, there should be good music all around, so choose music either based on the movie and its time period, or on the actors. For example, if the hero is Shah Rukh Khan, you can play a list of Shah Rukh Khan’s top hits from the archive.
  3. Choosing a genre – You can also select a genre of films, and go with that – for example, the sixties had a lot of fun, yet soulful music. Choose a genre according to your likes – for example, you can select the nineties, and ask people to don suitable costumes as seen in movies of the nineties. Then you can have people identify the character and film, or the persona.
  4. Food as a Theme – Indians love eating, and there are thousands of Bollywood movies where food plays a significant role. The best idea would be to get Indian food, especially finger food which can be eaten in a jiffy. You can either go with an individual movie and select the food shown there (like Hum Aapke Hai Kaun) or choose from popular Indian options. Keep a couple of popular Indian desserts and starter handy – like samosas, chicken tikka, carrot halva, and small pieces of naan bread with dips and accompaniments.

These are simple, yet effective tips which would help you throw a great Bollywood party. You can always modify and do things your way, but keeping some basic facts right will make your event a grand success.

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