Finding the Perfect Men's Bollywood Costumes

The glittery world of Bollywood offers a vast range of beautiful costumes for both men and women. Unlike many other film industries, the costumes in Bollywood rely heavily on color, exuberant concepts, and cool designs, that celebrates the extravaganza of the movies made in the industry. For men, Bollywood costumes can be as garish or as subdued as possible, and there is always the chance to jazz things up with a cool accessory or a little something extra.
There are many cool men’s Bollywood costumes that can be easily construed just by assembling and adding little details. A bit of extra pain makes it easy for you to really get into the mood of the character you will be representing.

  1. Find the right character – First step for you to do is to find the right character. This means, you need to do a bit of research on men’s Bollywood costumes, and figure out which kind of character will suit your shape and size. Also, keep in mind the practical aspect – about measurements and the fit, and which ensemble might suit your shape the best. You can choose to be a memorable hero, villain, comic character, or just a memorable character who can be easily identified.
  2. Get the right accessory – An accessory says a thousand words. For example, a simple cap represents so many things in movies, and form important part of a story line (think about Maine Pyaar Kiya or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai). Adding a simple accessory to represent the character can work to your benefit. Also, little details kept in mind go a long way in faithfully representing a character. For example, a simple set of gold stud defines a character sometimes in Bollywood movies.
  3. Do some research – Don’t just dress up as a character, you should also know how to faithfully represent him while wearing the garb. Many men’s Bollywood costumes fall flat without the right expression or dialogues. If you are playing a role, play it well, and say or do something.
  4. Shoes say a lot – Make sure that the shoes you are wearing match your attire perfectly. Many times, men make the mistake of wearing the wrong kind of shoes. Match your shoes with the attire, and see if it is going well with the Bollywood costume.

These simple tips will make sure your costume is perfect. When attending a cool Bollywood party, you would be the one who people look at.

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