Sexy Bollywood Costumes for a Fun Evening!

Who doesn’t love being the center of attention?  With sexy Bollywood costumes, you would look totally different from the rest, and stand out of the crowd. If you love being the one who everyone looks at, and love the feel of envious and appreciative stares on you, check out sexy Bollywood costumes.
Over the years, sexy Bollywood costumes have come a long way, from saris to sexy skirts for women, and from immaculate suits to bathing shorts in case of men. Even a towel might be used in many ways to make someone look sexy. Women, in Bollywood, have always ruled, and over the years, have made their mark in an assortment of clothes. Not just that, men has consistently changed their looks to go with the flow. What was once considered to be outrageous is no more than a flash in the pan.
Here are some fabulous ideas for sexy Bollywood costumes for men and women.

  1. Cabaret dancer or item girl – cabaret formed a crucial part of Bollywood movies for a long time, and has been a part of the song and dance routine from a very early age. Popular actresses were hired only for a cabaret number, or a single song, which later came to be known as an item song, and the girl is known as the item girl. Helen, Bindu, Aruna Irani were popular names in cabaret numbers, and they were famous for donning sexy Bollywood costumes which were sexually appealing, and outrageous. In latter days, Yana Gupta, Isha Koppikar, Neha Dhupia and Rakhi Sawant came to be famous item girls, whose dresses can be replicated easily.
  2. Front Open Shirts – For men, shirts with a deep neck or open neck is known for its sex appeal. Just look at John Abraham, Arjun Rampal, or Amitabh Bachhan! Their appeal lie with the chest which is exposed to the hungry gaze, and it looks very sexy on them. Men can easily follow this fashion without much hassle – all you need is a good, smart shirt, and preferably a good looking chest.
  3. Sexy Sari– Whether it’s the 1930s or the 2010s, a sexy sari will always be sinful, and Bollywood heroines made the best of it. Whether it was Smita Patil in a white sari, or Rani Mukherji in a black number, an artfully draped sari with a barely-there blouse has always been a favorite sexy Bollywood costume.

If you love these ideas, try one out for your next Bollywood party! It is definitely quite easy to put together, and the end result looks great!

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