Find the Perfect Women's Bollywood Costumes

Priyanka Chopra IIFA 2012 Women are truly spoilt for choices when it comes to finding the perfect dress for a Bollywood party. In fact, women’s Bollywood costumes come in so many variety and styles that it can totally boggle the mind. The best part is, virtually every Bollywood movie has a lady dressed up in at least ten different costumes during the course of the movie, and some of them (except perhaps for the truly weird and complicated ones) are not difficult to put together.
There are many different kinds of women’s Bollywood costumes that can be found. But finding the dress is not enough – it is important to make the look as real as possible. You can either pick a character, or go for a stereotype.

Some popular stereotypes include –

  • The mother
  • The bride
  • The girl next door
  • The vamp
  • The item girl
  • The tomboy
  • The sexy, confident woman

These are just some of the stereotypes that can be found in a popular Bollywood movie, and you can choose from them whichever character you think will make you look great, or you can identify with. Select fabulous ladies Bollywood costumes by checking out videos and movies of films, and going with a particular character or type.
If your Bollywood party is essentially based on a particular theme, then a prudent idea is to find out more about the theme, and then going for a particular look. As per the theme, your ultimate choice can follow a particular genre. For example, you can select the tight salwar kameez dupatta set made popular during the 1960s, or the short skirt and shirt set from the 1970s. Or, you can choose a popular icon, and her favorite look, and imitate that. For example, Bollywood diva Rekha has a very unique and seductive style of her own that you can easily replicate.
The key is to know what will suit you, and what won’t. Just wearing the costume is not enough. The key is to add accessories, do up your hair in a particular way, and finish the look to ensure that it really comes together. While selecting the right women’s Bollywood costumes, many of us make the mistake of not going with something that suits our persona, shape and character, but rather, we blindly follow the fashionable norms. It is important to choose a costume which would look good, will suit your persona and flatter your shape to the boot.

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